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The TVR Vixen Series 2 and 3 Sports Car

The TVR Vixen Series 2 and 3 Sports Car

A assessment of The TVR Vixen Series 2 and 3 Sports activities Automobile, covering improvement, vital attributes, and specialized info of this the eleventh product in the TVR selection.

In this Posting, I offer you a nostalgic glance at the TVR Vixen Sequence 2 and 3, one particular of an elite team of common automobiles, which was created throughout the interval 1968 to 1972.

TVR Vixen Sequence 2

In October 1968, the TVR Vixen Sequence 2 was launched.

Despite the fact that, mechanically, quite very similar to that of the Collection 1, the most important element similar to the chassis, thanks to the actuality that the for a longer time 90 inch wheelbase was enhanced from 7 foot 1.5 inches in the Series 1 to 7 foot 6 inches.

This new stretched chassis was at first made for the wide bodied Tuscan V8 SE variant.

Even so, the profit of this, in terms of the Vixen, was that it delivered bigger ease and comfort in the cockpit place.

This resulted from the simple fact that the doors were being now larger sized, and supplied bigger obtain for moving into and leaving the car or truck, which was a really serious detrimental aspect in former TVR products.

The Sequence 2 was the first TVR product in which the fibreglass overall body was bolted to the chassis, contrary to preceding variants in which the two ended up bonded by signifies of strips of glassfibre.

The gain of this variety of design was that it produced repairs, in the party of incident or problems to the body, so substantially easier, which is mirrored in the fact that pre 1968 TVR’s tended to be fairly of a rarity.

IN 1969, added alterations that happened involved:

  • There was restyling of the bonnet, which now shown a popular central bulge in early creation models, although later automobiles obtained two air consumption ducts positioned at the front corners
  • The rear lights have been up to date from the past circular style, as made use of in the Ford Cortina Mark 1, to the more recent wraparound style, from the Cortina Mark 2 saloon
  • It was equipped with disc brakes at the entrance and drums at the rear, and the brakes were being now ability assisted

The Series 2 was powered by the exact motor as applied in the Collection 1 and, with a compression ratio of 9.:1, it formulated 88 bhp at 5400 rpm, and 96 ft/lbs of torque at 3600 rpm.

By the stop of 1970, when creation finished, profits of the Vixen Sequence 2 experienced reached 438 models.

TVR Vixen Sequence 3

In 1970, the Vixen Series 3 sports automobile was introduced, and was run by the exact same Ford 1.6 litre, 4-cylinder motor as applied in the Ford Capri 1600 GT saloon, which formulated 86 bhp, in contrast with 88 bhp produced with the Ford device in the Sequence 1 and 2.

On top of that, this would be the final product to incorporate the Thurner created chassis, which was replaced by a redesigned chassis that was to be made use of in the forthcoming M-Sequence of vehicles.

This new chassis highlighted the use of a slightly thicker gauge of steel tubing than that used beforehand, as nicely as the use of sq. tubing for the 1st time on a TVR body.

This chassis was identical to the Thurner version, besides that the parts employed were being mostly sourced from Triumph.

With the Sequence 3, the warmth extraction vents on the bonnet acquired aeroflow grilles, as utilised on the Ford Zodiac Mark 4 saloon.

The wire wheels have been changed by forged alloy variations, which ended up now regular tools.

By April 1972, when creation ended, a whole of 168 models of the Series 3 had been created.

This marked the conclusion of the TVR Vixen Sequence 2 and 3.

Maybe this stroll down memory lane may possibly have answered, or at minimum shed gentle on, a probable query:

Which TVR Sporting activities Vehicle is Your Favorite?

Nonetheless, should this concern still continue being unanswered, I will be reviewing, in some element, in foreseeable future posts within this internet site, the complete vary of TVR sporting activities cars which were being featured in the unforgettable era spanning 1946 to 1967.

I hope you be part of me in my nostalgic travels “down sporting activities motor vehicle memory lane”.