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Coaching You to Be a Millionaire

Coaching You to Be a Millionaire

A million dollars seems like a fantasy, even a mirage. It may seem that only other people achieve that level of success. Most people are drowning in debt while only a small percentage of others are enjoying wealth. What if I told you that acquiring a million dollars is the same as getting your first date or driving your car for the first time?

The anticipation, the dream, the belief that an achievement is supernatural is a barrier to entry. Millionaires share a common theme which is they have a similar mindset. They believe that they are destined to be rich and are willing to do what is necessary to make their dream a reality. Optimism is a strong motivator and predictor of performance.

A majority of people think the only way they will become rich is by some lucky chance that is external to them. Millionaires have an internal locus of control where they believe that they will make it happen. The first step is in understanding that you could be a millionaire just as easy as it is for anyone else to be a millionaire. Millionaires are the same as everyone else except that they have a different mindset when it comes to money.

When we achieve a dream, in which we all have, you think, wow, what an experience and it really happened to me. Then over the years, as it becomes a regular occurrence, you being to take it for granted and believe that everyone has the same opportunity. Well, this is the same with getting and having a million dollars. A very small percent of millionaires are made from lucky occurrences such as winning the lotto.

Millionaires are made from consistent work towards a goal using a tried and true process. Becoming a millionaire is not an overnight process and that is why only a small minority of us are millionaires. People are not willing to make the sacrifice they need to make to become wealthy. People settle for instant gratification and then fall into a cycle of never getting ahead and living from paycheck to paycheck. Becoming wealthy is a process that takes several years and it is based on momentum and optimism.

Identify your strengths and plan out the process of leveraging your strengths to earn income. Spend wisely and invest money in things that will produce more money instead of opportunities that will lose money such as buying a brand new car or digital products. The former items are good investments only if they will produce income. Leverage debt to make more money than the debt cost you to acquire it. High interest loans are only good if you are investing the loan into things that are producing a greater return. Losing money is not the way to become wealthy.

Becoming wealthy comes with a price because people will become friends with your money and pretend to be your friend. Everyone is a friend to money and people will do funny things to get your money. Watch out for scams and insincere people. There is a reason why “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” is a popular term.

In summary, change your mindset, focus on the long-term, invest properly, resist instant gratification, beware of scams, build momentum, and live with optimism.