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Polish Rice With Easy to Use Rubber Rolls

Polish Rice With Easy to Use Rubber Rolls

The agriculture industry has seen number of innovations and developments in the past decade. The whole process of removing the rice husk and polishing it can be done easily with help of high quality rubber rolls. It helps in bringing a shine on rice surface enhancing its quality.

Improve the Rice Quality

The rice rubber rolls are high quality agricultural machine that helps in polishing the surface of the rice. This increases the face value of the rice and helps in increasing its sale in the national and international market. This improves the texture and increases the price of the rice.

It is very simple to use the product and the process of bringing polish on the surface is easy. The rolls are majorly made from aluminum and helps in perfectly polishing and whitening the raw rice. They are also available in different sizes depending on the requirement of the supplier.

Using the rice rolls

In order to use the rice rubber rolls, there are certain things that one need to keep in mind. Make sure that the moisture content of the paddy that is inside it does not exceed beyond 14%. The alignment of the roll is very important to ensure proper polishing and removal process.

The rollers should be free of any grain trapped within and all of this must be checked before starting the machine. Once the machine is started, the clearance must be reduced in order to meet an efficiency of around 90 to 95%. The locking position must be checked.

Easy to use and process the rice

It is very easy to operate and use the machine by understanding the basic mechanism of operation. The rice rubber rolls however tend to wear down very quickly after its usage and hence its efficiency must be checked at regular intervals.

Before closing the feed gate, make sure the roll is clear of paddy. It is recommended to store the rolls in a dark room so that the damage is reduced and it is protected from direct light and temperature change.
Before starting check that the moisture content of the paddy should not be more than 14%.Adjust the alignment of the rubber rolls and remove any grain present between the rollers before starting the machine.Clearance between the rolls should be adjusted to 0.5mm from each other.Immediately after starting the machine if the efficiency is less than 90%, then reduce the clearance to meet efficiency of about 90%-95%.The rolls should not be locked in this position.While operating the machine the feed gate above the rollers must be kept fully opened so that the rollers will wear out uniformly.As the rice rubber rolls starts to wear down check the efficiency at a regular interval.Clear the roll of paddy and close the feed gate before switching off the machine.Before turning the rice rubber off check that there are no grains between the rollers as this would deform the rubber. Spare rolls must be stored in a dark room and packed well to protect them from direct light and sudden temperature changes.