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Why Is Polished Concrete So Popular?

Why Is Polished Concrete So Popular?

Polished concrete is becoming the market leader in commercial and residential flooring, and it comes as a surprise for a lot of people because the high quality flooring was considered as the synonym for natural stones and vitrified tiles. The result of modern technology has brought dramatic changes to concrete polishing, and now shiny flooring is possible without the help of wax or flooring materials of that kind. Though a coating material is sometimes used for concrete flooring, it is long lasting compared to wax.

Modern technology has made sure that polished concrete floors are as shiny and elegant as any of its competitors in the market. However, such flooring can be achieved at a very reasonable cost. The smooth, high luster concrete floors were the specialty of large shopping malls, showrooms and companies, but today you can see them in plenty of households. Concrete polishing is identical to sanding wood and the job is done with high-quality tools.

They grind down the dissimilarities on the concrete surface and bring the anticipated shine to the floor. The best thing about using concrete for flooring is the choices you can make. It’s possible to achieve different levels of finish – you can keep a matte finish if you want or polish it further to achieve the desired glass like finish. You can use concrete flooring in your bathroom to the living room and with different finishes and designs, they can achieve different looks.

The best thing about polishing concrete is its flexibility. It’s not necessary that you can only polish new floors but even old floors can be polished to bring the necessary shine. There are, however, few exceptions like floors that have extensive patching or porous sections. Colored aggregate is one of the oldest ingredients used for achieving a unique concrete look. But today; you can get different looks without using colored aggregates.

One of the modern-day alternatives is the integrally colored concrete and some polishing works are done with the glass pieces. The creativity can go even further and some good examples are concrete floors with nails, bolts, computer chips and other objects that are polished to bring out a smooth surface. Diversity and durability are the major attractions of concrete flooring and they are extremely cost-effective too. The only alternative for concrete flooring with all identical qualities are natural stones, but they are very expensive and do not fit well within the budget of most people. Moreover, natural stones are also limited with designs and are not necessary that you will always find what you want.