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Sailing Through the Windy City

Sailing Through the Windy City

How on earth did the Windy City get its name? A lot of contentions have been made regarding Chicago and its famous nickname. Some say it isn’t really the sea breezes the city was named after but its politicians who overly promoted the city at one time that they were known to be full of ‘hot air’. It also referred to most Chicagoans ability to exaggerate on some issues. However it was coined though, the name seems to have adapted itself to the city weather and Chicago to date has become one of the most relaxed destinations for sports requiring a strong amount of, what else, wind.

Sailing is one of the sports Chicagoans take part in. Chicago has all the elements required for sailing. Smooth waters provided by Lake Michigan and ample winds for sail give just the right touch for the sport. There are several charter services in the area which provide a sailing tour with boats even beginners can have fun in. Beginners who want to get their hands dirty with sailing lessons can avail of several different training and charter by award-winning Captain Ben Sells. Those who want to simply let the professionals do their job and just enjoy the view can also do so, getting the famous Chicago skyline and lakefront as scenery. The sailing tour will also stop over certain attractions such as the Field Museum, Adler Planetarium and Shedd Aquarium before turning back to the lakefront to cap the day.

Another Chicago sailing charter service, Windy City Sailing, provides morning sailing trips through the Michigan lake front. It includes a two-hour trip with complimentary Continental breakfast. The amenities inside the cabin include an elegant feather bed, air conditioning, satellite radio and TV or you can simply bask in the deck to soak in the fresh Chicagoan sun. Windy City sailing also has first class dinner packages available and can go hand in hand with a bed and breakfast package which can be given as gifts or simply a weekend getaway even for locals.

For more experienced sailors, one can simply rent a yacht with Sail Chicago, providing top class boat rentals for 50 years. Its fleet includes Rhodes 19, Shields and Motor Cruisers.

The best time to go Chicago sailing is during the Fireworks Sails, hosted by the Navy Pier during Chicago’s Labor Day on the 1st of June and is succeeded by a fireworks display on June 3rd. The sailing charter is a great way to see the sights of the day including the famed Air and Water show without having to contend with the rest of the crowd.

Make a day out of Chicago sailing, and see the city through the lakefront. This option isn’t available for locals alone now since one can simply fly off to and from Chicago easily with several of the Chicago cheap flights available online. Check constantly as promos and discounts tend to be available round the clock and go out just as easily. Don’t be afraid to reserve those tickets because a day or weekend out is definitely a trip worth taking. Going to the windy city has never been more appropriate especially with different water and lake attractions just around the corner. Reserve a ticket now. Almost every major airline except Virgin flies to Chicago daily. Midway airports are also available if you can’t find a direct flight to O’Hare.

Sail through Chicago’s calm waters and one is sure to find a piece of contentment on water. The Windy City truly lives up to its name.