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How to Start a Scooter the First Time

How to Start a Scooter the First Time

The scooter was acquired and assembled, now ultimately to the very long awaited instant, setting up the scooter. The urge to adhere the essential in the gap, press the button and hear the motor purr is near to irresistible…

But it ought to be resisted. Even though previously mentioned could seem best, is not the circumstance. Picture a car or truck that was parked for 6 months it may possibly not begin at initially test. In this scenario we are conversing about a scooter that may perhaps have been sitting for 6 or extra months in addition to obtaining traveled by sea for 2 or 3 weeks carburetors really like contemporary salty marine air.

This report aims at guiding 1st time scooter homeowners to effectively commence their scooter without having blowing something out.

Dos and don’ts:

1. If the scooter is 50 or 150cc, will not consider the electric powered get started at initially kick get started only
2. Do not, less than any circumstance, check out to soar begin the scooter
3. Stay clear of employing a charger. The engine will recharge the battery when it is started off. If a charger is employed, insure it is a motorbike charger set to no additional than 2 amps
4. If the scooter is geared up with an alarm, do not check out the alarm or the remote start out until finally the scooter begun
5. Acquire the most expensive fuel and fill the gas tank all the way up
6. Do not use any gasoline additives or carburetor cleaner resolution
7. The moment the scooter is begun, be prepared to trip it for at the very least 15 minutes to charge the battery – permitting the engine demand the battery is by considerably the most effective

Remember that a new battery is incredibly fragile. If it runs all the way down, it may perhaps get long lasting destroyed as effectively as harm other parts this kind of as the fuse, voltage regulator and / or the CDI device. In buy to secure the battery and the other factors, all 50cc and 150cc scooters really should be initially commenced with the kick commence then check out the electric powered get started a few moments as explained down below.

Considering the fact that most 250cc scooters will not have a kick commence, 250cc scooter homeowners really should stick to the electric start off treatment.

Kick start off procedure:

1. Fill the gasoline tank all the way up with the finest gasoline accessible
2. Place the bicycle on the centre stand
3. Look at that the kill swap is pointed in the direction of the circle, not the X
4. If the scooter came with remote, click the UNLOCK two consecutive instances
5. Transform the critical to the on position
6. Accelerate all the way and retain throttle open up of 1 next, repeat 3 periods
7. Unfold the kick-get started gently thrust it down with your foot 50 % way
8. Permit the kick commence arrive again up
9. Kick the kick begin vigorously 3 or 4 occasions in a row creating guaranteed the starter goes all the way down and will come all the way again up every single time
10. Then keep on accelerating all the way (step 6) and kicking all the way a couple of periods (phase 9)
11. Do not accelerate when kicking

Check out the electric powered start off only Right after having attempted to commence the bike as described over with the kick-begin.

Electric begin process:

1. Stick to methods 1 to 6 in the kick-start out procedure over
2. Hold the rear brake
3. Carefully flip the accelerator to pickup the slack do not accelerate, just hold the slack
4. Push the get started button for 3 seconds and allow go
5. Accelerate all the way and permit go, keep any slack in the throttle
6. Push the start off button for 3 seconds and allow go
7. Let the electrical begin motor awesome down for 30 or 40 seconds and repeat the steps over a person much more time.

Overheating the electrical commence motor could also hurt the scooter by blowing the starter motor, the fuse and other electrical components.

If the bike did not start out, do not try the electric start off process extra than 2 instances rather go again to the kick get started process and repeat it 2 or 3 periods. It may well consider a several attempts, most bikes start at the 2nd or 3rd attempt.

If all else fail:

Some scooters my have a difficult time setting up. This might be owing to quite a few factors. In 90% of the conditions, the failure to get started is because of to no or insufficient fuel having to the carburetor. The most straightforward way to look at and heal this, is to primary the carburetor manually:

1. Open the seat
2. Unscrew the carburetor access panel screw (normally a solitary screw)
3. Remove the access panel and find the carburetor
4. The top rated of the carburetor appears to be like a metal dome with 2 screws keeping it
5. Remove the 2 screws from the major of the carburetor
6. Place 3 to 4 spoonfuls of gasoline straight inside of the carburetor
7. Substitute the leading of the carburetor and safe with the 2 screws
8. Observe the electric begin technique only if it was not followed additional than 3 periods in any other case kick-commence

If the scooter does not start out right after the earlier mentioned, those with minimal mechanical information and individuals who know just sufficient to be perilous are encouraged to get in touch with the tech guidance division of the scooter dealer the place the order was built or seek advice from a professional motorcycle mechanic.