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Bulletproof Technology for a Brighter Future: The 2006 Honda Accord

Bulletproof Technology for a Brighter Future: The 2006 Honda Accord

For many, the 70s will be remembered for disco music, long collar shirts, the rise of feminism, and the twin peaks of energy crises of 1973 and 1976. It was a time when Americans became introspective about their need for large, loud, inefficient cars. The idea that oil reserves were not endless and technological development was not sustainable without harming the environment – ended the age of modernism. The introduction of the Honda Accord in 1976, addressed the prevailing paradigm for a reliable, economical, practical car that was fun to drive and easy to park.

Nearly three decades later, in 2006, we find Honda has nearly perfected the Accord Sedan. Now available as a Hybrid, it posts fuel efficiency of 37 mpg highway; 29 mpg in the city. While these are not as good as those of the Toyota Prius, or even the Honda Civic, they are better than most family cars on the road today. Where the 2006 Honda Accord really shines is in the styling, handling, safety, fuel efficiency and the strong residual department, that are vital components of the success of the Accord in the USA. Additionally, the 2006 Accord builds on the engine prowess expected from the ilk.

If you walk around the outside of the 2006 Honda Accord Sedan, you’ll notice uncluttered clean lines from front to back, create a sense of mystery and sophistication. The car has a distinctive classy look. The sophisticated front nose incorporates headlights and turn signals into a single unit, enhancing aerodynamics. Step inside the cabin, and you’ll notice the 2006 Accord lives up to its upper middle class, up-market feel. The sporty steering wheel, instrument cluster and tactile cockpit combine both analog and digital features to good effect. The speedometer’s numbers are in the driver’s line of sight and the audio, climate control, and Satellite Navigation system are grouped logically and within easy reach. The front seats are supportive and comfortable for long journeys, and the rear seats are roomy enough to accommodate two adults or three kids. The new Accord has a refined and feels tailor made for the entire family.

If you are a sporting enthusiast, you’ll see the 2006 Accord is no slouch in either of its VS, LX, EX iterations, or even the Hybrid. The new Accord rewards the driver with nimble handling and the choice of three engines: the 2.4-Liter, 166 horsepower 4-cylinder engine is standard, the 3.0-Liter, 244 horsepower V-6 is an upgrade, and the 253 horsepower Hybrid is the miracle worker of the trio with plenty of low end torque. The Hybrid enables you can enjoy even greater efficiencies while climbing ramps or merging in traffic. The Hybrid’s Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) technology is able to turn off three of the engine’s six cylinders by pausing their fuel injection and keeping the intake and exhaust valves closed. The reduced displacement enhances the mileage and range. Press your foot down, and VCM immediately opens the butterfly valves for quick acceleration that is both smooth and instant.

Going fast is only half the battle, the 2006 Accord is competent athlete, versatile at responding to changing driving situations. Every new Accord has standard daytime running lights; dual-stage, dual-threshold front airbags that inflate based on the severity of impact; front side and side curtain airbags designed to prevent injury in side impact collisions; an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) to prevent wheel lockup and enhance steering control; front crush zones made from high-tensile steel to absorb and re-distribute energy away from the passenger cabin; side-impact door beams and Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) to balance brake loading in hard braking conditions; and on all V-6 models, brake assist to enhance stopping. Additionally, the 2006 Accord has earned the 5-star front crash-test rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the highest honor to be bestowed on any car.

The oil shock of 1973 resulted in a profound shift in American culture. It was not uncommon for car owners, during this time to gain access to fuel pumps based on their license plates. Holders of license plates ending in an odd number purchase fuel on odd numbered days only, and vice versa. When the first Accord was introduced nearly 30 years ago, it became an instant sensation. The 2006 Honda Accord represents the manufacturer’s commitment to drivers, passengers, safety, and comfort. With the MSRP of $18,225 for the new Accord Sedan, and $30,140 for the Hybrid – it’s surprising the more things change, the more they stay the same.