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A Secret Underground City Of The Andes?

A Secret Underground City Of The Andes?

A superior-tech, secret metropolis has been reported to exist in a remote jungle crater in South The usa. If so, who may possibly the experts be who run this James Bond-type tremendous fortress?

The tale commences with the terrific Italian scientist Guglielmo Marconi (1874 – 1973), a previous pupil of Nikola Tesla. Marconi examined radio transmission theory with Tesla and made his initially radio transmission in 1895. Marconi and Tesla are the two accredited for the creation of the radio. Marconi’s historic radio transmission utilised a Heinrich Hertz spark arrester, a Popov antenna and an Edoliard Bramely coherer for his basic unit that was to go on to turn into the modem radio.

Marconi was a mysterious person in his later a long time, and was regarded to complete experiments, which include anti-gravity experiments, aboard his yacht Electra. Marconi’s yacht was a floating super-laboratory, from which he despatched alerts into area and lit lights in Australia in 1930. He did this with the assist of an Italian physicist named Landini by sending wave teach alerts by way of the earth, a lot as Nikola Tesla had accomplished in Colorado Springs.

In June of 1936 Marconi shown to Italian Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini a wave gun gadget that could be used as a defensive weapon. In the 1930s this sort of products ended up popularised as ‘death rays’ as in a Boris Karloff film of the same name. Marconi shown the ray on a hectic highway north of Milan a single afternoon. Mussolini experienced questioned his wife Rachele to also be on the highway at precisely 3:30 in the afternoon. Marconi’s machine triggered the electrical techniques in all the autos, including Rachele’s, to malfunction. The automobile motors would not purpose for 50 percent an hour, when her chauffeur and other motorists checked their gas pumps and spark plugs. At 3.35 all the autos were ready to commence all over again. Rachele Mussolini later posted this account in her autobiography.

Mussohni was quite happy with Marconi’s creation on the other hand it is stated that Pope Pius XI realized about the invention of the paralysing rays and took measures to have Mussolini stop Marconi’s exploration. In accordance to Marconi’s followers, Marconi then took his yacht to South The united states in 1937, just after faking his own death. A variety of European scientists have been explained to have absent with Marconi, together with Landini. In 1937, the enigmatic Italian physicist and alchemist Fulcanelli warned European physicists of the grave risks of atomic weapons, and then mysteriously vanished a several many years later on. He is considered to have joined Marconi’s top secret group in South The us. Ninety-eight scientists were being said to have gone to South The us exactly where they built a city in an extinct volcanic crater,in the southern jungles of Venezuela. In their top secret town, financed by the good prosperity they had made during their lives, they continued Marconi’s function on solar power, cosmic electrical power and anti-gravity. They labored secretly and aside from the world’s nations, creating free-energy motors and finally discoid plane with a form of gyroscopic anti-gravity. The group is claimed to be dedicated to universal peace and the typical superior of all mankind. Believing the relaxation of the planet to be beneath the handle of energy providers, multinational bankers and the navy-industrial sophisticated, they have remained isolated from the relaxation of the environment, doing the job subversively to foster peace and a clean up, ecological technologies on the world.

We have information and facts on this astonishing large-tech city from a number of resources. In the South The usa the story is a typical subject among the particular metaphysical teams. Says the French writer Robert Charroux in his ebook The Mysteries of the Andes (1974, 1977 Avon Books),”… the Ciudad Subterranean de los Andes (CSA), which is mentioned in non-public Caracas to Santiago.” Charroux relates the tale of a Mexican journalist named Mario Rojas Avendaro who investigated the Ciudad Subterranean de los Andes (Underground Metropolis of the Andes) and concluded that it was a correct story. Avendaro was contacted by man named Nacisso Genovese, who experienced been a scholar of Marconi and was a physics teacher at a significant college in Baja, Mexico.

Genovese was an Italian by origin and claimed to have lived for several decades in the Ciudad Subterranean de los Andes. Sometime in the late 1950s he wrote an obscure e book entitled My Vacation To Mars. Although the guide was in no way published in English, it did surface in many Spanrsh, Portuguese and Italian editions. Genovese claimed that the town experienced been developed with significant monetary resources, was underground, and had improved study amenities than any other analysis facility in the globe (at that time, at least). By 1946 the town was currently applying a powerful collector of cosmic energy, the critical component of all matter, in accordance to Marconi’s theories.

“In 1952,” in accordance to Genovese, “we travelled earlier mentioned all the seas and continents in a craft whose energy provide was steady and nearly inexhaustible. It attained a speed of 50 percent a million miles an hour and withstood great pressures, around the restrict of resistance of the alloys that composed it. The trouble was to gradual it down at just the suitable time.” Genovese positioned the city in a crater at 13 thousand toes in the jungle mountains of the Amazon. Genovese claimed that flights to Mars had been produced in their ‘flying saucers,’ and that this magic formula metropolis is nevertheless in existence!

There have been numerous reviews of UFOs in South The usa, specially along the edge of the mountainous jungles of the eastern Andes, from Bolivia to Venezuela. Is it doable that some of these UFOs are anti-gravity craft from the Ciudad Subterranean de los Andes? In mild of really responsible resources who declare that a ‘last battalion’ of German soldiers escaped through submarine in the past times of WWII to Antarctica and South The united states, it is feasible that the Germans may possibly have substantial-tech super-metropolitan areas in the distant jungles of South The us as very well. A quantity of modem armed forces historians, these kinds of as Col. Howard Buechner,writer of Strategies of the Holy Lance and Hitler’s Ashes, keep that the Germans had already developed bases in Queen Maud Land, reverse South Africa, during the war. Later on. German U-boats, in some studies as many as 100, took vital researchers, aviators and politicians to the ultimate fortress of Nazi Germany. Two of these U-boats surrendered in Argentina a few months soon after the war.

In 1947, the US Navy invaded Antarctica, mainly Queen Maud Land with Admiral Byrd in command. The Us residents have been defeated and several jets from the four plane carriers ended up explained to have been shot down by discoid craft. The navy retreated and did not return until 1957. According to the guide, Chronicle of Akakor, a guide first released in German by the journalist Karl Brugger, a German battalion experienced taken refuge in an underground metropolis on the borders of Brazil and Peru. Brugger was assassinated in the Rio de Janeiro suburb off panema in 1981. Though the magic formula metropolitan areas of South The us producing flying saucers and battling the recent powers of the world from their hidden jungle fortresses could sound way too significantly like the plot of a James Bond film, it seems to be primarily based on point!

Most likely a remaining showdown amongst the ‘last battalion’ and the latest political method will be a struggle waged with traveling saucers and place-primarily based weapons programs.. What element will the tranquil scientist-philosophers of the Key Underground Metropolis of the Andes participate in in the coming alterations on planet Earth?